New textbooks available for public review

Joseph City Schools is recommending new textbooks for use by students and teachers. These textbooks are listed below and are available for public review. The school intends to recommend adoption of the textbooks at the August 11, 2020 Joseph City Unified School District Governing Board meeting.

Print Version Textbooks

Copies available for review in the Joseph City Schools District Office at 8176 N. Westover, Joseph City, AZ

Course                        Title
6th Grade World History Discovering Our Past | A History of the World – Early Ages. Published by McGraw Hill Education. ISBN: 978-0-07-676738-0
High School French Language Complete French All-in-One | Premium Second Edition. Published by McGraw Hill Education. ISBN: 978-1-260-12103-2

Online Textbooks

Textbooks are only available online and may be reviewed by clicking the following links or by copying the URL into a web browser

Grade / Course – Edition

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6th Grade Math – Student
6th Grade Math – Teacher
7th Grade Math – Student
7th Grade Math – Teacher
8th Grade Math – Student
8th Grade Math – Teacher
HS Algebra I – Student
HS Algebra I – Teacher
HS Geometry – Student
HS Geometry – Teacher
HS Algebra II – Student
HS Algebra II – Teacher
HS Precalculus
HS Calculus
HS Calculus (Concepts)
7th Grade Science
8th Grade Science
HS Physical Science
HS Biology
HS Chemistry
HS Physics
7th Grade Social Studies
HS World History
HS U.S. History