Board Members

Karsten Flake


Eldon Larson


Andrew Bushman


Dayton Flake


Rhonda Roberson


The Joseph City School District Governing Board works hard to maintain a high level of academic excellence in our schools. Board members volunteer their time to ensure that each student receives the best possible educational opportunities. We work closely with the Arizona School Boards Association as we develop policies and procedures and to provide ongoing training opportunities for our governing board members. You may view our Policy Manual on the Arizona School Boards Association website. We encourage you to view it here.


Some tips on how to use the manual:

  • Find the documents section on the left hand side of your screen and scroll down until you find Joseph City Unified School District #2.
  • Check the box next to the district’s name.  This will allow you to view policies that are specific to our district.
  • Now you can search for specific policies that affect you, your family, and our community by using the search bar on the top of the screen.
  • You can choose a specific section to look at by clicking on the arrow button next to the box that you checked earlier.

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